• Learn to fly

    Become a paraglider pilot and enter to a whole new dimension
  • World famous

    Valle de Bravo is one of the most famous places for paragliding in the world
  • APPI Courses

    You will learn using APPI pedagogical system
  • Weather

    Incredible 360 flyable days in Valle de Bravo

A different teaching approach

Active pedagogy will make you an excellent pilot

Amazing and friendly site

And you will have a lot of fun

A place where you open your horizon

Have you ever dreamed of flying?

Have you ever had that feeling of freedom in the sky? Do you want to make your dreams come true?

Come to the right place, here to Flumen, in Valle de Bravo! We will teach you how to make it happen. You will discover what it means to touch the sky.

Flying is something so different, so magical, so much out of the ordinary way of living, no words can explain it. To be up there, somewhere in the sky, being aligned with nature, is a feeling so overwhelming that you can’t compare with anything else in this world. 

Why Valle de Bravo (El Peñón, Temascaltepec) is the best place to learn?

  • 360 flyable days - no cancellations, ever

  • Perfect site to start paragliding

  • Affordable stay and food

  • Easy to move around Valle on foot

  • Friendly environment and safe

  • Tacos are just sooo good

Why FLUMEN is your best choice

  • Perfect English and all the material is presented in English or Spanish

  • World's top MASTER INSTRUCTORS (Marko Hrgetic, Olivier C.)

  • Active pedagogy teaching by APPI standards

  • During the course, our time is dedicated to YOU, fully

  • Best and newest equipment in school

  • Hundreds of happy students throughout 15 years of teaching

  • Our happy students are our best advertising

School owner

"Dedication, professionalism, competence, passion, knowledge, progress, guidance, safety, and fun is my motto when I teach you how to fly. Our happy students are our best advertising."

Marko Hrgetic, APPI Master instructor
SIV and XC Certified APPI instructor
APPI Pedagogical comity
X-Alps 2019 Athlete

"Happiness is in doing the things that make us feel alive."

SIV Clinics

SIV Clinics

Amazing place, with amazing instructors, and amazing food. The experience of doing SIV in Yelapa is just incredible. You will go home happier than ever!

Our courses are high-level with a focus on active pedagogy and autonomy. You will learn as much as you can during the course. We offer double that of our competition.

SIV Clinics

Courses calendar

Beginner Course A12

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Upcoming A3 course

21 Jan
A3 course - tentative
Date 21.01.2023 - 29.01.2023

Upcoming SIV Clinics

6 Feb
SIV Course - Yelapa FULL
06.02.2023 - 11.02.2023
13 Feb
SIV Course - FULL
13.02.2023 - 18.02.2023
20 Mar
SIV Course - One spot left
20.03.2023 - 25.03.2023
17 Apr
SIV Course - Closed FULL
17.04.2023 - 22.04.2023
24 Apr
24.04.2023 - 29.04.2023
15 May
SIV Private Course
15.05.2023 - 20.05.2023

XC Courses

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Incredible weather in Valle de Bravo permits flying 360 days per year

Valle de Bravo is Mexico’s most famous and most flown paragliding and hang-gliding site. Apart from being the top Mexican paragliding spot, it is also WORLD famous for its conditions for flying. Valle de Bravo has the almost perfect climate for getting a lot of flying hours and learning to fly and it is a top destination when you are bored of winter and snow. In one week you can get 30 hours of flight time! 

We have zero cancellations due to the weather!

Testimonies from our students

  • Marko’s Yelapa SIV

    SIV Course
    Marko’s Yelapa SIV course was an immersive paragliding experience in a beautiful holiday setting. The combination of extensive pre and post-flight briefings and excellent in-flight communication provides the best opportunity to learn and improve. The days are balanced out by the amazing beach setting of Yelapa. I would absolutely recommend this course and plan on taking it again in the future.

    Evan K.
  • I couldn't be more grateful to Marco

    Beginner course

    As an alpinist, I learned how important are details. Flying is another amazing activity like alpinism, to enjoy it 100% you need to learn how to stay safe. Marco is a great teacher because he doesn't only teach you the rules but why these rules exist, why they are important, and why they work. Having this global understanding of what it means to fly was the most amazing and unexpected part of this program. I couldn't be more grateful to Marco for having introduced me to this new world. 

    Adrien Colombie
    French paraglider pilot

  • Flying thermals with your

    Thermaling course

    "I had been flying a few years with other schools before I met Marko. I wanted to learn to fly in thermals. The way he brings over his knowledge is truly unique!! A very motivated, concerned, enthusiastic, calm, down-to-earth approach. Technically substantiated but practically mastered courses. And flying thermals with your instructor hanging right above or next to you? Never knew any instructor doing this, but this is what makes the difference.... "

    Yann Bastaans, Belgian pilot

  • It was a great course

    SIV Course

    "It was a great course... helped me identify weaknesses and strengths. You get to know not just your glider but yourself, and you need both to fly better and to perform all maneuvers. I had attended a previous basic SIV and the difference is huge. All these advanced maneuvers require the instructor to transmit patience and dedication and I think Marko nailed it. So thank you Marko and Flumen!"

    Claudia Gálvez
    Mexican paragliding pilot

  • Marko's Cross Country course

    XC Course

    I recently took Marko's Cross Country course and it was fantastic! I learned so much about understanding weather charts, reading the local winds, planning a cross-country flight, and flying more efficiently to go further. I like the way Marko coaches. As he assesses how his students fly, he gives simple instructions for how we can fly better or launch better or land better or whatever. Every student on our course that applied themselves improved greatly. I would recommend Marko and Flumen to anyone looking to improve their skills as a paraglider pilot. He gives great tandem flights too!

    Chris H.

  • An excellent experience to be able to fly with Marco

    It has been an excellent experience to be able to fly with Marco. He is a very knowledgeable and resourceful paragliding instructor and I learned a lot from him. Besides that, he is very easy to communicate with, works with an excellent team is very professional. I could not recommend Flumen and Marco more, you will be in good hands. Also, Valle de Bravo is a very nice area to fly and stay as well.

    Lora N.

    Our Team

    Flumen paragliding

    Marko Hrgetic

    APPI Master Instructor, chief


    Olivier Cotasson

    APPI Master Instructor


    Camila Antonorsi

    Assistant instructor, tandem pilot

    ESP, ENG

    Ruben Zamora

    Assistant Instructor PG and HG

    ESP, ENG

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